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Mar 13, 2013 6:00am EDT
at 1:30 eastern time. house budget committee chairman paul ryan outlined had his party's plans on "the kudlow report" last night. >> hopefully we get a down payment on the problem. we balance the budget and pay off the debt in our budget. what we hope and what we think the republican majority is good for, if anything, is to get a down payment on the problem. balancing the budget is not an end of itself. it's an means to the end. we want to revival upper mobility and growth in this economy. >> senate democrats are going to release their own spending plan after calling the republican proposal unacceptable. it will call for about $1 trillion in new revenues by closing tax loopholes and about 1 trillion in spending cuts at the same time but no structural changes to medicare and the question is will that get -- do either of these plans get anybody anywhere or is everyone talking to themselves? >> they're talking to themselves. we discussed it yesterday. in the last negotiations you still have the fact there are republicans who think that the republicans gave too much and then there are demo
Mar 14, 2013 6:00am EDT
. >> coming up, paul ryan's plan for budget trickery. according to steny hoyer it is. and checking the futures right now, green arrows across the board. squawk is coming back right after this. >>> >>> next, if you've never heard of minecraft, don't worry, your kids have. we'll talk to the ceo behind the viral computer game. his company famously rejected a partnership offer from shawn parker. revolutionizing an industry can be a tough act to follow, but at xerox we've embraced a new role. working behind the scenes to provide companies with services... like helping hr departments manage benefits and pensions for over 11 million employees. reducing document costs by up to 30%... and processing $421 billion dollars in accounts payables each year. helping thousands of companies simplify how work gets done. how's that for an encore? with xerox, you're ready for real business. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at t
Mar 15, 2013 6:00am EDT
was the key factoring for the cell phone wars last year. >>> mitt romney and paul ryan will be appearing at the conservative political action conference in maryland this afternoon. andrew, i'll send it back over to you. >>> equities continue to march upward as some investors worry if we're headed into a period of irrational exeberance. good morning, alan. >> good morning. how are you, andrew? >> great to see you. the question of the morning, do you want to break out the phrase again? irrational exuberance. >> i don't think it's quite appropriate in this environment. in fact, the basic way of looking at this degree of exuberance is equity premium. a measure of whether the stocks are overvalued or undervalued. and right now, by historical calculation, we are significantly undervalue. the reason why the stock market has not been significantly higher is there are other factors compressing it lower. irration >> is this a fed-fueled rally. >> i think you can fully explain the rally in terms basically of the removal of what is called tail risk. that is what has been sitting out there virtually
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3